Residential Alarm Systems

SDG Security's basic Essential Protection Package consists of:
  • One keypad console with built in panic buttons for Police, Fire and Medical assistance
  • One locked, steel control panel
  • Power supply with battery backup
  • Intrusion protection on two doors
  • One motion sensor
  • Inside siren
  • Telephone jack
  • Yard signs
  • Warning decals
  • Installation and training

SDG Security offers home and apartment alarm systems starting at only $99!
Our Essential Protection Package system can be expanded to almost limitless possibilities and customized for virtually every environment.

For added safety and convenience, SDG Security offers additional state-of-the-art features and services:

Intrusion and health protection devices

  • Glassbreak Sensors
  • Smoke sensors
  • Heat sensors
  • Personal medical emergency pendant
    (helps to summon assistance without being near the keypad)
  • Pet immune motion sensors
  • Wireless panic buttons

Specialty monitored and signaling systems

  • Protection for safes and vaults
  • Lock and unlock doors or gates
  • Wireless keypad
  • Key FOB
    (Now you can turn your system on and off without running to your keypad. Much like a garage door opener remote, the wireless key fob brings easy convenience to your fingertips. Integrated with your control panel, the wireless key fob gives you convenient, single-button control of your security system. This option is available with any of SDG Security's home security systems.)
  • Low temperature sensors
    (protect against frozen pipes and expensive water damage)
  • Water and flood sensors
    (detect if the sump well pump has failed or if there is a water problem that could cause damage to your property)


We only use professional and quality equipment. We provide a one-year warranty on all systems and workmanship.

There are no hidden charges -- no telephone jack charge, no activation fees and no credit check charge.