Tired of lugging that vacuum cleaner up the steps?

Imagine inserting a hose into an outlet on the wall and vacuuming - with almost no noise, no dust, and no tired arms! It isn't a fantasy; it's a Central Cleaning System installed by SDG Security.

Central Cleaning Systems consist of unobtrusive wall inlets that are placed throughout your home (at least one on each level is recommended). Tubing behind your walls connect the inlets to a powerful vacuum unit that is usually installed in the basement or garage.

no noise...
no dust...
no tired arms...
You simply insert a lightweight hose into the inlet which automatically turns on the system and you can vacuum almost without effort. You'll never have to lug a heavy vacuum around again!

Besides being extremely convenient, a Central Cleaning System gives you more cleaning power -- nearly twice as much power as most standup vacuums.

Because the central power unit and large collection canister are located remotely you will also enjoy quieter operation and improved air quality. With a Central Cleaning System you can forget about emptying "the dust bag" or worrying about airborne particles associated with traditional vacuum systems.

Whether you are cleaning the carpets, the hardwood floors, the craft room, the wood shop, the garage or even the patio, you job will be much easier with a Central Cleaning System.

Central Cleaning Systems can increase your home's value.