Custom systems for business and industry

SDG Security offers comprehensive commercial and industrial security solutions. Our experienced consultants will work with you to review your facility and operations and then design a system that meets your needs, fits your budget and complies with local, state and federal code requirements. Our installation base ranges from stand-alone systems to fully-integrated multi-location systems.

Affordable Solutions for Small Businesses

SDG Security can design a cost-effective, reliable security system to meet your needs -- whether a small family-owned business or a retail outlet for a major corporation. We will analyze your facilities, listen to your concerns, and design a system and an emergency response plan tailored to your requirements.

We offer systems for your business starting at $149. The Essential Protection Package for Business consists of:

  • One keypad console with built in panic buttons for Police, Fire and Medical assistance
  • One locked, steel control panel
  • Power supply with battery backup
  • Intrusion protection on two doors
  • One dual microwave/passive infrared motion sensor
  • Inside siren
  • Telephone jack
  • Yard signs
  • Warning decals
  • Installation and training

For added safety and convenience, SDG Security offers additional state-of-the-art features and services:

Intrusion and health protection devices

  • Glassbreak Sensors
  • Smoke sensors
  • Heat sensors
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • Monitored smoke detectors
    (help to protect your facility, employees, inventory and records from the dangers of fire. You can rest assured knowing that in the event of a fire the emergency authorities will be notified--even when you?re not there.)

Specialty monitored and signaling systems

  • Protection for safes and vaults
  • Lock and unlock doors or gates
  • Wireless keypad
  • Low temperature sensors (protect against frozen pipes and expensive water damage)
  • Water and flood sensors (detect if the sump well pump has failed or if there is a water problem that could cause damage to your property)
  • Telephone control access (enables you to control your system from just about anywhere, using a touch tone phone)

Opening and Closing Report Service

    Managing your business is key for profitability and productivity. Have you ever wondered when your employees open or close your business? Through your SDG Security System, we can provide a monthly opening and closing report providing an audit trail to monitor employee activity.

Other options available include:

  • Photo-beam detection systems
  • Cellular phone line backup
  • Overhead door protection
  • Critical Systems Monitoring
    (such as HVAC, power and refrigeration)
  • Safe and vault protection
  • Hold up and panic alarms


We only use professional and quality equipment. We provide a one-year warranty on all systems and workmanship.

Point-of-Purchase Display Program

If you allow SDG Security to place a small point-of-purchase display box in your business, we will pay you a fee for every system installation resulting from the display. Give us a call for more details about this program.